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Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda


Established as the oldest surviving complete medical system in the world, Ayurveda has its origins dating back more than 5ooo years ago. The name AYURVEDA is derived from its ancient Sanskrit roots – ‘AYUR‘ (‘life’ or ‘longevity’) and ‘VEDA‘ (‘science’ or ‘knowledge’). Ayurveda can be described as ‘The Science of Life or Longevity’ or ‘The Yoga of Life’. Ayurveda and Siddha provide the knowledge and the tools to allow you to experience your ‘life-span’ to its fullest extent for very specific purposes. This medical science offers a rich, comprehensive, holistic and meaningful outlook to a healthy life.

Ayurveda aims to integrate and balance the body, mind and spirit. In doing so, it aims to:

  1. Maintain the health of those who are well and are not suffering from any disease condition. This is achieved by regulating one’s diet and nutrition, exercise, hygiene and lifestyle.
  2. Cure disease and illness through accurate diagnosis and administering remedies and therapies to restore you to balance and good health.

 However, the highest or ultimate goal of Ayurveda is to attain absolute detachment of the ‘Atman’ or soul. This is the state of liberation or ‘Moksham’. At the same instance, the body, mind and its equipment are not neglected but brought very much into focus and attention, as it is the means of realising the Self or Truth.

Each person will practice and live differently as each person is different and unique. Ayurvedic philosophy believes that people, their health, and the universe are all related. It is believed that health problems result when these relationships are out of balance.

Ayurveda focuses on absolute perfect health and not disease; it embraces all areas of life – health, career, relationships and universal spirituality. Experienced Ayurvedic Practitioners can achieve wonderful results through sophisticated detoxification processes, lifestyle advice, diet, exercise and herbal therapy. Our accredited Educators include experienced Ayurvedic Practitioners some of whom originally trained in India and now work in the west.

Ayurvedic training at EQUALS covers:

  • Ayurvedic Nutrition
  • Ayurvedic Cooking
  • Kitchen Pharmacy
  • Herbal Therapy
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Tongue diagnosis
  • Marma – Trigger point therapy
  • Yoga & Pranayama
  • Ayurvedic Massage
  • Meditation
  • Ayurvedic Remedial therapies
  • Herbal Medicine Preparation
  • Lifestyle Disease Management
  • Lifestyle Counselling

The Advanced Diploma of Ayurveda HLT62615 course is dedicated to the integration of authentic, ancient Vedic education with the enlightened Western ideas of today.

Ayurveda offers a diverse range of career pathways, and opportunities are increasing with the acceptance of Ayurveda into western medicine. Typical career options include:

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Management Consultant,
  • Ayurvedic Massage Therapist,
  • Ayurvedic Practitioner,
  • Health Food Consultant,
  • Ayurvedic Cook,
  • Vedic Life Coach,
  • Yoga & Meditation Practitioner

For other important information, please read our Student Handbook. You can access it here.
Alternatively, you may request to have the handbook emailed to you by contacting



Students participate in a minimum of 400 hours of structured and supervised student clinic where skills, knowledge and attitudes and developed as you work towards mastering your therapy practice.

EQUALS works collaboratively with the leading health and healing centres, Ayurveda Village and Aspects of Healing. Our unique collaboration with industry allows our students to receive the perfect combination of education and training in two state of the art integrative therapy centres. Our students grow to become excellent, work ready Practitioners while being supported in a nurturing, challenging and professional environment.

Selected EQUALS Ayurveda students may be offered the opportunity to participate in clinical placement at a leading Ayurvedic Hospital in India. * Clinical placement costs / travel / accommodation etc. are at an additional cost.

This course is recognised by the Australia’s leading natural medicine industry body, the Australian Traditional Medicine Society.


Intakes available every term

Important: To be considered for an intake, completed applications should be received no later than 30 days prior to the scheduled course commencement date. Applications that are incomplete or incorrect may not be considered. Course offers for applications received by the due date are not guaranteed and intake capacity may vary. EQUALS reserves the right to accept or decline applications at its total discretion.


Current and valid Provide First Aid certificate, Department of Communities & Social Inclusion (DCSI) Screening Checks for working with Vulnerable People, with Children, and in the Aged Care Sector, & Physical Fitness are required for this course.

If you do not hold a current DCSI check, you are required to apply through DCSI at the time of application for enrolment at EQUALS. A DCSI check must be acquired prior to industry placement. Visit for further information.

Please note that the outcome of your DCSI screening check may affect student clinic participation opportunities, and that this is at the discretion of EQUALS.

A First Aid certificate is a pre-requisite for student clinic. You will complete the unit early in your first study period.


Please view the English requirements for international students on this page.


Core Units

  • CHCCOM006 Establish and manage client relationships
  • CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people
  • CHCLEG003 Manage legal and ethical compliance
  • CHCPRP003 Reflect on and improve own professional practice
  • CHCPRP005 Engage with health professionals and the health system
  • HLTAAP003 Analyse and respond to client health information
  • HLTAID003 Provide first aid
  • HLTINF004 Manage the control of infection
  • HLTWHS004 Manage work health and safety
  • HLTAYV001 Develop Ayurvedic practice
  • HLTAYV002 Make Ayurvedic lifestyle assessments
  • HLTAYV003 Provide Ayurvedic bodywork therapies
  • HLTAYV004 Provide Ayurvedic lifestyle advice
  • HLTAYV005 Provide advice on Ayurvedic nutrition
  • HLTAYV006 Take cases within an Ayurvedic framework
  • HLTAYV007 Diagnose conditions within an Ayurvedic framework
  • HLTAYV008 Provide Ayurvedic remedial therapies
  • HLTAYV009 Provide therapeutic Ayurvedic nutritional advice
  • HLTAYV010 Select and advise on Ayurvedic medicines – dravyaguna
  • HLTAYV011 Prepare and dispense Ayurvedic medicines – dravyaguna
  • HLTAYV012 Monitor and evaluate Ayurvedic treatments

Elective Units offered by EQUALS

  • BSBSMB403 Market the small business
  • BSBSMB404 Undertake small business planning
  • HLTMSG001 Develop massage practice
  • HLTHPS010 Interpret and use information about nutrition and diet
  • Tuition Fee (AUD): $15,625
  • Amenities Fee (AUD): $295
  • Duration:  2 years
  • Study Mode: On Campus or Blended Learning (combination)
  • Intakes: Contact us for information
  • Qual Code: HLT62615
  • RPL: Yes
  • VET Student Loans Eligible: N/A
  • Resources Required: Yes             
  • Qual Status: Current
  • Tuition Fee (AUD): $24,950

  • Amenities Fee (AUD): $295

  • Duration: 2 years

  • Study Mode: On Campus or Blended Learning (combination)

  • Qual Code: HLT62615

  • CRICOS Course Code:  089506E
  • RPL: Yes
  • Resources Required: Yes

  • Qual Status: Current

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