Microcredentials and Short Courses

Achieving Individual Fulfilment


Up to 8 weeks

Part-time (4 hours per week).

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Who can benefit from the course?

  • Women who have been out of the workforce to raise a family and now wish to re-enter in an effective, successful way.
  • Women already in the workforce who are dissatisfied with their present employment and wish to re-evaluate their direction, learn of new career options and strategies to achieve their goals.
  • Women who need to raise their self-esteem, become more assertive and more effective in their chosen field.
  • Women wanting support with ideas they would like implemented in their workplaces, family or personal relationships.

Course objectives

Participants will have an opportunity to discover how to:

  • Develop personal confidence and self-esteem.
  • Establish goals and strategies to achieve them.
  • Increase personal presentation skills.
  • Enhance communication and negotiation skills.
  • Plan for financial security and independence.
  • Enhance personal health and wellbeing — mentally physically and spiritually.
  • Become aware of new options in life — recognise choices.
  • Develop intuition and learn to trust it.
  • Learn techniques to empower you as a woman.
  • Be introduced to a network of supporting women.

Course Program

Week 1
Career Counselling

Assessment of Skills and Interests.
Discover Options.
What do you want out of life?

Personal Grooming

Creating Self Image.
Wardrobe Selection.

Week 2
Career and Life Planning

Goal Setting and Action Planning.
Personal Marketing Strategy.
Developing a Positive Mental Attitude.

Skin Care — Workshop

Introduction to Skin Diagnostics.
Problem Solving.
Basic Make-up.

Week 3
Confidence and Self Esteem

Power of Affirmation.
Art of Creative Visualisation.

Make-up and Colour Analysis — Workshop

Introduction to Colour.

Week 4
Communication Skills

Effective Process of Communication.
Problem Solving/Decision Making.
Developing Assertion.

Hair and Nailcare

Styles to Suit.
Basic Nailcare.

Week 5
Negotiation Skills

Communication in Conflict Situations.
Alternative Strategies to Resolving Disputes.

Time Management

Identify Time Wasting Habits.
Improving Use of Time.
Creating Leisure Time.

Week 6
Stress Management

Symptoms of Stress.
Relaxation of Techniques.


Nutrition and Exercise.

Week 7
Interview Skills

Preparation for Interview.
Marketing Yourself.

Financial Security

Being in Control of Your Money.
Securing Your Future.

Week 8

Your way to Personal Success.
How it Works.

Becoming a Total Person


Study Mode

Part-time (one 4-hour session per week)

Where to Register

Ask us how here.

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Domestic Study Mode

Part-time (4 hours per week).

Campus Location

This course offers ongoing intakes and is run in New York, NY, USA.

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