Agent Representatives

EQUALS has a formal written agreement with agents in various countries and regions throughout the world. EQUALS expects our agents to:

  • Provide accurate information about EQUALS International and its programs to international learners
  • Attend to enquires from prospective international learners and provide support services and counselling about programs and relevant enrolment criteria and procedures
  • Assist prospective international learners to comply with formal requirements involved in applying for enrolment to a program, processing of the application form and forwarding the completed application and the acceptance and payment to the Institute
  • Assist international learners to comply with Australian Government requirements in applying for a student visa
  • Assist with verification of supporting documentation
  • Assist with travel, accommodation and pre-departure arrangements as required.

If you are an international education agent that would like to represent EQUALS, please fill out the Education Agent Registration Interest Form.

For specific and general policies of interest to education agents please visit Our Policies and Procedures page.

Our Education Agents

International Education Agents representing EQUALS are detailed here.

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