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Deepen your capacity for emotionally intelligent leadership, apply new perspectives, explore personal and professional development, and use your influence to support strategic objectives and individual goals.

In this course you will take an Action Learning approach to develop and embed your skills and knowledge. You’ll be asked to reflect on current work practices, explore new concepts and approaches, refine your thinking, apply new ideas, and then use critical reflection to close the loop. You’ll have opportunities to share and engage here and during your face to face sessions, working together with others in a social learning environment driven by you, the learners!


Learn new ways of thinking about how you communicate with clients, families and carers, team members, management and more while you simultaneously explore aspects of your own personal and professional development. Deepen your capacity for emotionally intelligent leadership and use your influence to support strategic objectives and individual goals. Develop a growth mindset and gain insight into how you can identify and source opportunities to develop yourself and others.

  • Develop and use emotional intelligence (EQ) to increase your own self-awareness and your capacity to self-manage
  • Deepen your capacity for social awareness and use innovative skills in the sphere of relationship management in the workplace
  • Use your influence to lead and manage effective workplace relationships
  • Develop strategic and innovative thinking to understand and apply the values, goals and cultural diversity policies of your workplace to build unstoppable teams
  • Establish goals that align with what drives you and your team to develop, collaborate and excel
  • Implement strategic and innovative systems and processes that support your own personal and professional development and that of your team members

Resources and further readings are included in your modules.

What you will learn

Develop your Emotional Intelligence and support others to explore their own potential for new ways of communicating with and supporting each other, and managing conflict to reach positive resolutions. Work on strategic approaches to team and individual development goals, set new standards for effective workplace relationships, and actively develop your leadership and management skills.


This is a free online course through EQUALS Horizons on Open Learning. Enrol here.

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