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Adelaide is one of Australia’s most livable cities. Adelaide is home to increasing numbers of international visitors from all over the world and is one of Australia’s most affordable, safe, culturally diverse and friendly place to live, work and learn. says that it has “a strong sense of heritage and traditional values combined with a vibrant international and cosmopolitan character”.

All of this, together with the highest quality in education services, makes the choice for where to study in Australia a whole lot easier.” In Adelaide, you’ll find:

  • quality education institutions and learning pathways;
  • affordability;
  • accessibility;
  • safety;
  • a strong community spirit;
  • cultural diversity; and
  • excellent migration opportunities.

Want to discover more about our beautiful city? You can download the Discover Adelaide brochure here.

South Australia is one of the 6 states of Australia and is approximately 15% of the landmass of Australia. South Australia has a mild climate with warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia.

It is known as one of the most livable cities in the world and is a great study destination. Adelaide is known as the education city of Australia, which provides a quiet, safe and secure environment for international students.

Climate South Australia enjoys an average temperature of 25 degrees. Our mild Mediterranean climate offers a perfect combination of four seasons that will allow you to enjoy our scenic and beautiful tourist attractions in and around the city.

South Australia is known for its relaxed, affordable, safe and green environment.

Adelaide at a Glance

StateSouth Australia
Area870 sq km (336 sq miles)
Time ZoneGMT/UTC +9.5
Official LanguageEnglish



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