Report An Incident Or Hazard

At EQUALS, we want to keep everyone in our community as safe as possible and ensure that everyone goes home at the end of each day as safely as they started when they arrived or interacted with us.

If you experience a near miss (or a close shave or threatening incident) and don’t report it, it could lead to another person’s injury.

It is really important to report any issue or hazard that might not be easily and safely rectified to ensure immediate attention before it harms anyone else.

So that EQUALS can effectively keep everyone safe and prevent any issues from recurring or escalating, we rely on your prompt and reliable reporting. If hazards, near misses and injuries are reported, it helps EQUALS to intervene at the earliest opportunity to either prevent an incident from occurring or minimise the severity of injury.

Report a hazard or incident using this online report form. This form is a user-friendly and efficient web form for you to report hazards and incidents and for EQUALS to follow up with a record of investigation findings and corrective action to ensure the issue is effectively dealt with and doesn’t recur.

Students and staff can access additional information on wellbeing, health and safety by logging into EQOnline (Moodle).

Be Safe. Be Aware. The Be Safe. Be Aware. campaign offers a number of simple steps to help stay safe when you leave campus. With distinctly different seasons throughout the year, it’s especially wise to be aware of the changing light and weather conditions. These steps can help you stay safe.

Speak Up. For Justice. The Speak Up. For Justice. campaign seeks to raise awareness and empower individuals to have a sense of responsibility on campus. We are all faced with difficult situations at one time or another. If we are faced with anti-social behaviour that offends or causes harm to another individual, it is important that you find the courage to speak up.

It is absolutely important that everyone assumes responsibility for a safe and harmonious environment.

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