Customised Training Solutions

EQUALS regularly delivers customised training solutions for our local and international clients. Whether you have a specific need or are looking for some inspiration for your team, why not contact us to determine your unique training needs? We guarantee that your staff will thank you for it. Please email Marie Chittleborough at or phone (08) 8110 1200.

The strengths that EQUALS delivers are focussed on key areas vital to the development and success of any business.  In helping to develop the skills of our clients, our programs focus on key areas:

  • Thriving on Change –  Our original program is still one of the most popular. A definite must for women and/or men who are looking towards achieving individual fulfilment.
  •  Human Understanding – Participants in our courses will develop confidence in using assertiveness skills and manage conflict situations effectively through their increased understanding of human behaviour.
  • Team Building – Our training leads people to build more effective teams and get them working together.  “Strength lies in our differences, not our similarities” – Stephen Covey
  • Change Management – We understand that learning to embrace change is the key to unlocking innovation and creativity.  Participants in our courses learn to welcome change and prepare for it.
  • Conflict Resolution – Our graduates can manage conflict and develop peaceful solutions.
  • Problem Solving – Using appreciative enquiry and strategic questioning, graduates of our courses can successfully solve problems by using highly developed analytical skills.
  • Developing Clear Corporate Vision – In doing this we believe we are helping to develop one of the most important investments an organisation can make.
  • Promoting Diversity – A diverse workforce is one of the greatest advantages of an organisation.  Our programs help maximise the benefits of gender and cultural diversity.
  • Inspirational Leadership – Our programs are designed for those wanting to be inspirational leaders.
  • Time Management – Time is, possibly, your most precious resource.  Our programs always involve learning the skills of effective time management.  “The key is not to prioritise what’s on our schedule, but to schedule our priorities.” Stephen Covey
  • Mediation and Negotiation – Our programs train people to find solutions in complex negotiations and are focussed on success for all parties.
  • Experiential Learning – Students at EQUALS are encouraged to think outside of the classroom and, wherever possible, we incorporate outdoor and experiential learning into our programs.
  • The Art of Service – Ensuring the experience of any organisation is a positive one for all.
  • Women in Management – Designed by some of Australia’ leading business women, this creative program is designed to foster confidence and skills required for success.

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HLT33115 Certificate III in Health Services Assistance