EQUALS Graduate Attributes


EQUALS Graduate attributes

EQUALS is dedicated to developing our Graduate Attributes in all our students. They encapsulate, in very succinct form, the full breadth of our virtues and spiritual principles and are core to the spirit and work of EQUALS.  Our Graduate Attributes express our vision and mission, and they are focused on you, our students.

We believe that education needs an expanded definition that frees it from today’s largely economic context and acknowledges its role in transforming both individual lives and entire societies. Basic education, literacy, and education need to be redefined in a way that offers more than the acquisition of skills and facts.

Education can release capacities, develop analytical abilities, confidence, will, and goal-setting competencies, and instills the vision that will enable individuals to become self-motivating change agents, serving the best interests of the wider community.

The minimum requirements of education are the basic knowledge, attributes, skills, attitudes, and capacities that enable individuals to become conscious of their own growth, and active, responsible participants in a systematic process of building a new world.

Our Vision of the EQUALS Graduate 

An EQUALS graduate has the knowledge, attributes, skills, attitude and capacities that enable them to become conscious subjects of their own growth.  They are active, responsible participants in a systematic process of building a new world. They are empowered with a sense of their own dignity and worth and understand their positions as members of both a local community and the world community, and they believe their lives can make a difference.


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