EQUALS partners with Ukrainian Global University

WRITTEN BY: Christine Maramba

Feb 21



EQUALS International: The first higher education provider in Australia to partner with the Ukrainian Global University

Did you know that EQUALS International is the first higher education provider in Australia to partner with the Ukrainian Global University?

With over 71 institutions around the world and over 1000 opportunities for displaced Ukrainians, Ukrainian Global University has brought together the world’s best educational institutions to support Ukrainian students and scholars with opportunity to access quality education and research opportunities that help rebuild Ukraine.

The team at EQUALS are very excited to support this worthy initiative.

EQUALS and Ukrainian Global University are leading by example by providing scholarships to eligible Ukrainian students interested in continuing their studies in the health, nursing and/or human service discipline.

With an aim to overcome the devastating consequences of war and to facilitate access to the best possible education, the initiative aims to unite educational institutions from all continents in their support and solidarity with Ukrainian students and researchers.

As reported on the Ukrainian Global University website, the initiative was launched in partnership with the Office of President of Ukraine by the consortium of leading Ukrainian educational institutions and organisations: Kyiv School of Economics, Ukraine Global Scholars, Ukrainian Catholic University, Ukrainian Emerging Leaders Program at Stanford University, Professional Government Association of Ukraine, SET University, Kyiv Academic University. It has also been endorsed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Embassy of Ukraine in the US, and the Embassy of Ukraine to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Today, the Ukrainian Global University is a diverse network of educational institutions that have combined efforts to rebuild Ukraine through the support of high school and tertiary education students, scholars and tutors. The non-profit initiative provides critical access to scholarships, fellowships and postgraduate programs, enabling displaced students to continue their education during the Ukraine war.

At EQUALS, we strive to uphold the value of universal access to education. Together with Ukrainian Global University, we believe that displaced individuals from all countries under attack deserve support from the international community.

If you are a displaced Ukrainian student interested in accessing a scholarship opportunity, please register your interest here or contact us at hello@equals.edu.au.

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